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Modern Surgicals
Modern Surgicals Modern Surgicals Modern Surgicals
The distinctive position, which we have mustered in the sector, has been possible owing to the diligent endeavors of our team members.
Modern Surgicals
Modern Surgicals
Welcome to Modern Surgicals. The leading Manufacturer and Exporters of Medical Instruments Supplies, Surgical Instruments, Hospital Equipments, Laboratory Products and Diagnostics, Surgical Kits, Disposable Items. Its located in New Delhi the heart of India.
Diagnostic Instruments

Stethoscope Percussion Hammer Plastic Percussion Hammer Pin & Brush
Taylor Percussion Hammer Buck Hammer Wartenberg Neurological Pin Wheel
B.P Appratus Mercury B.P Appratus Digital

Scissor, Forceps & Scalpels

Cutical Scissor Straight Cutical Scissor Curved Irish Scissor Straight
Irish Scissor Curved Dressing Scissors Pointed Straight Dressing Scissor Pointed Curved
Dressing Scissors Blunt/Sharp Straight Dressing Scissors Blunt/Sharp Curved Mayo Scissors Straight
Mayo Scissors Curved Metzenbaum Scissors- Straight Metzenbaum Scissors- Curved
Bandage Scissors Episiotomy Scissors Suture Scissors HEATH
Kilner Scissors- Straight Kilner Scissor- Curved Counter Scissor SS
Counter Scissor Brass Handle Dissecting Forceps Pointed Dissecting Forceps Blunt
Dissecting Forceps 1 x 2 Teeth Adison Forceps Plain Adison Forceps 1 x 2
Tonsil Forceps Plain Tonsil Forceps 1 x 2 Forcep Non Magnetic Micro
B.P Handle No. 3 Scalpels With Blade & Bistury Amputation Knives
Brain Knife Skin Grafting Handle

General Instruments

Mosquito Forceps Straight Mosquito Forceps Curved Artery forcep Straight
Artery Forcep curved Kocher Artery Forceps Straight Kocher Artery Forceps Curved
Allis Tissue Forceps Needle Holder Towel Forceps
Kelly Forcep Kelly Artery Forceps Curved Lane Tissue Forceps
Babcock Forceps Gillies Needle Holder Cheatle Forceps
Towel Clip Tongue Tie Mayo Safety Pin
Anerysum Needle Spring Action Type Scissors Spring Action Type Forceps
Spring Action Type Needle Holder Bone Nibbler Double Action Bone Cutter Double Action
Bone Cutter Single Action

Gynaecology & Obstetrics

Hysterectomy Clamp Straight Gwillian Hysterectomy Clamp Curved Gwillian Hysterectomy Clamp Heaney Curved
Hysterectomy Clamp Maingot Curved Right Angle Forceps LAHEY FORCEPS
Uterine Forcep Tenaculam Forceps Vellusulam Forceps
Ovem Forceps Green Armitage Sponge Holding Forceps
Biopsy Punch Utress Holding Forcep Somer Utress Holding Forceps Sherodkar
Mymo Screw Auward Speculum Sims Speculum Stainless Steel S,M,L
Cusco Speculum (Stainless Steel) Sims Speculum Brass S,M,L Cusco Speculum Brass S,M,L
Hegar Dilator Set of 8 Hegar Dilator Set of 10 D & C Set.
Vaginal Wall Retractor Uterine Curette Endometrium Biopsy Suction Curette Randall
Flushing Currette Uterine canula Graduated Sound
Female Catheter Pelvimeter MTP Set With Handle
MTP Set Plain Suction Cannula Wringly Forceps
Simpson Forceps Midwifery Forceps Fergusson Midwifery Forceps Barnes
Foetal Stethoscopes Vacuum Extractor - Silicon Vacuum Extractor - Metal
IUD Hook Doyen Broad Ligament Clamp

Intestinal, Proctology & Urology

Intestinal Clamp Straight Intestinal Clamp (Curved) Pyers Clamp
Poole Suction Tube Yankauer Suction Tube Lahey Forceps
Babcock Moynihan Cholecytectomy Forceps Gall Bladder Forceps
Des Jardin Forceps Bake Bile Duct Dilators Proctoscope
Pile Gun Set Pile Forceps Anal Dilator
Urethral Dilator Clutton Urethral Dilator Boogie Introducer Cathetor
Penile Clamp NSV Kit Male Cathetor
Bladder Sound - -


Doyen Retractor Morris Retractor Lenginbeck Retractor
Kelly Retractor Deaver Retractor Czerney Retractor
Balfour Retractor Pozzy Retractor Volkman Retractor (prong)
Farabuff Retractor Roux Retractor (Set Of Three) -

Ent & Plastic Surgery

Tuning Fork (S.S) Aural Speculam Self Retractor Aural Speculam
Grubber1 Metal Syringe Foren Body Remover
Eustachian Catreter Jabson Probe Ear Currette
Probe With Eye Wilde Forceps Aural Forceps Fagge
Tillly Forceps Hartmann Forceps Aural Snare
Suction Tip Cut Out Adaptor Crocodile Forcep
Crocodile Scissors Crocodile Cup Forceps Nasal Speculum Krammer
Nasal Speculum (Thudikan) Nasal Speculum Killian Nasal Speculum Thomson
Tongue Spatula Child Tongue Spatula Adult Luc's Forceps
Sinus Forceps Forceps Denis Brown Tonsil Artery Forceps
Dilating Forceps Tonsil Forcep Molison Retractor
Jansen Retractor Kilner Retractor Skin Hook
Single Hook Double Hook Retractor Tracheotomy Tube Fuller
Trachetomy Tube Jackson Skin Graft Handle ENT Set
Otoscope Opthalmoscope Head Mirror
Head Light Lorangeal Mirror Bipolar Bayonet Axial Forceps

Anaesthetic Instruments

Laryngoscopes (BLADES) Magil Forceps Mouth Gag Doyen
Mouth Gag Doyen Mouth Gag Hyster Mouth Gag Hyster
Mouth Gag Davis Boyle Stillet Ambu Bag
Bains Circuit Anesthesia Machine Oxygen Mask
Twin Catheter Rebreathing Bag Suction Machine
Flow Meter Humidity Bottle Guedel Airways
Biopad Stand - -

Stainless Steel Wares

Kidney Trays Lotion Bowl Basin
Catheter Tray Surgical Tray With Cover Surgical Tray With Cover 909
Dressing Drum Seamless Dressing Drum Seamless 911 Dressing Drum Jointed
Dressing Drum Jointed 913 Electric Sterilizer Electric Sterilizer 915
Autoclave Allumium Irigator (Douch Can) -

Acrylic Products

Formaline Chamber Oxygen Hood Cidex Tray
Infantometer Height Measuring Stand -

Hospital Furniture

Hospital Bed Plain Semi Fowler Bed Fowler Bed
Operation Table Hi-Low.jpg Obstetric Labour Table Bed Side Locker
Instrument Trolley 1 Cylinder Trolley MS Over Bed Table
Bed Side Screen two folds Revolving Stool Full SS I V Stand
Foot Step single double Back Rest Type 1 Strecher Trolley
Instrument Cabin Strecher Folding Type Chart Holder
Mayo Trolley ICU Bed ICU Bed High low
Wheel Chair Floding Type Wheel Chair Non Floding Wheel Chair Paediatric
Walker Paediatric Walker Adult Wheel Chair With Back Rest
Dressing Trolley Attandant Bed Plain Attandant Bed Cum Chair
Baby Cradle OT Light OT Mobile Light
OT Light With LED Walking Sticks Needle & Syringe Destroyer

Lab Coat, Gowns & Suits

Lab Coat Cotton Lab Coat Terecoat Surgeon Gown
Patient Gown Suits Cloth Apron
Plastic Apron Mackintosh (Superior) -

Disposable Items

Disposable Face Mask Disposable Cap Tie Type Disposable Cap Round Comfort
Disposable Apron Disposable Shoe Cover Disposable Drape Sheet
OT Sheet 36x36 OT Sheet 36x54 OT Sheet 36x72
Bed Sheet Pillow Cover Examination Gloves
Post Mortem Gloves Polythene Gloves Disposable Surgical Blades
Disposable Scalpel W Plastic Handle Large Disposable Scalpel W Plastic Handle Small Skin Grafting Blade
Stitch Cutter